I have been going door-to-door in Collins-Bayridge since June 18th. As of September 20th, I have visited over 3000 homes.

My neighbours have expressed their thoughts and concerns and offered suggestions:


It seems like development of the West end continues with little concern for natural green space in
the area.

I am in favour of protecting the forested area west of Collins Bay Road (north and south of Taylor Kidd), and the area near the wetland east of Westbrook as designated green space. The Ridgewood Park area, (north of Taylor Kidd, west of Collins Bay Road) used to have beautiful walking trails – a great place to walk a dog. I am in favour of City staff meeting with the land owner with the aim of purchasing the land to keep the walking trails. Urban development is important for city growth but not at the expense of the environment. Development must be done responsibly and carefully to ensure green space is a priority.


Some of the streets are in very bad condition. They were constructed in the 1970s and have never been re-surfaced.
I will make sure that the roads in Collins-Bayridge are on the radar of City staff and are given a higher priority.


Speed bumps in the area have done little to reduce speeding.
I will investigate more effective traffic calming measures (such as the bollards used on Glengarry Road in Strathcona Park) and encourage the City to implement measures that will make our streets safer.


The traffic on Woodbine is extremely heavy, particularly at school opening and closing hours. The City needs to have a hard look at this situation. The intersection of Woodbine Rd. and Bayridge Dr. needs immediate attention.

The parks in the district are in poor repair
I will make sure that the condition of our parks is brought to the attention of City Staff and advocate
much needed improvements.


There’s nothing for families to do in the Collins-Bayridge. We need some events in our district.

I promise to help organize some fun, low-cost events for kids of all ages to enjoy.


Residents expressed frustration with their ability to communicate with City Hall.
I promise to return phone calls, reply to emails, and hold regular Town Hall meetings in Collins-Bayridge to bring information from City Council, listen to resident’s concerns and suggestions, and bring their message back to the City.


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